I caught Dwight Howard’s jersey!

I’m standing there waiting for Dwight Howard to throw his jersey into the crowd. Once it’s in the air I immediately see it is headed in my direction. My right I secure Jagger (riding my shoulders) and my left I attempt a grab at it. I had it first, followed by my wife, then 2 10-12 year old boys. 30 seconds in another kid jumps and grabs it. Security immediately took over (thanks again) and told the boys to let go. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

It’s in the office now, but it’s starting to stink up the place like the sweet smell of holy-shit-this-is-fucking-cool. Just earlier this morning Jagger was calling him Superman.

I wanted Jagger to meet him so we went early to the game and waited near the visiting team’s tunnel. He never came out, but I remembered last year he gave his sneakers and sleeves away and hopefully he’ll do the same again.

By the way, when Patrick Ewing went back to the locker room after shootaround he high-five’d me. NY KNICK LEGEND.

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