Craigslist search engine

It’s time consuming to search Craigslist in nearby states especially when each state has sublocations. So to satisfy a personal struggle, I wrote my own little search engine that combines results from multiple locations into one list. Currently it’s hard coded to the NYC area, but future milestones includes global search.

Another plus is the option to load thumbnails. There is a caveat:

It’s file size heavy. Searching “Kobe” has a difference of 350kb without images and 5MB with images. Hey, it’s beta.

I set up a new domain for it –


Don’t block ads because you’re taking food off Jagger’s plate

Six years in the business and this is the first time I’ve actually seen an ad that I created on a website. Quite surprising as I’ve pumped out a good number of them. Curiosity got to me and I started going through my archives and there’s a lot of good stuff here that I’d like to share. Samples after the jump.


The So Marvylous website is finally up and running

I started this web company six years ago and I never had a change to put together a complete website. It’s not that I tried; I’ve been through over a dozen versions, but they sputtered mostly in design phases or animation mockups. Reason for this tragedy is that creativity comes at a premium and my clients have been in high demand of my time. So to keep things simple I’ve put up WordPress.

If you’re reading this, stick around. I think it’s going to be fun times ahead.

Oh and the picture attached to this post is my inspiration for the color scheme. Still have lots to do, but hey we’re in beta.

The 2011 Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride in Ridgewood, NJ was a smashing success. Thank you to everyone who donated and/or attended the event. I hope to do more charity rides next year when the weather warms up. Until then, see you roadies next year!