I caught Dwight Howard’s jersey!

Just earlier this morning Jagger was calling him Superman.

I wanted Jagger to meet him so we went early to the game and waited near the visiting team’s tunnel. He never came out, but I remembered last year he gave his sneakers and sleeves away and hopefully he’ll do the same again.


5 Minute Impression: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For 10 years this Logitech MX Duo was at my fingertips. For me, that keyboard was the standard of excellence. I own several of them as proof. Sad to say the last working keyboard has malfunctioned and Logitech no longer manufactures this model. Believing in the brand, I picked up the G510. It felt a little cramped and space key didn’t recognize sometimes. No noticeable advantage in Battlefield 3. LCD was useless to me, but a pixel row died and I can’t have that picking away at my OCD. RETURN.

Enter the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. There are some unfavorable reviews of quality control and poor customer support. But I need a keyboard now and this is the only mechanical Best Buy had. And 5 minutes into it and no malfunction yet. The click and feel is something to get used to and being my first mechanical I have no comparison. My boss at my first job loved the sound of keyboard clicking [Opps, just combo’d FN + pause] and he’d orgasm hearing this. Let’s see how it goes when some coding work is ready to go.

Pics in a bit. I’m busy watching Tebow.


Staying comfortable in the office: Leap Chair by Steelcase

Retired is my 8-year-old, Staples-bought, leather executive chair. It sits ragged, torn, and lonely in the storage room waiting for the next garbage pickup. In its place, a more ergonomically correct Steelcase Leap Chair awaits in glory for my butt to return. Click the “read more” button for my review.


The T-Mobile experiment is over and the shameful walk back to AT&T begins

Only 7 months into a 2 year contract, poor cellular reception and shoddy Samsung craftsmanship has led to the demise of my relationship with T-Mobile. It wasn’t all for naught though. The little time spent with Gingerbread (Android OS 2.3.x) clearly demonstrated that the gap between iOS and Android is non-existent at this point. Sorry Apple fanbois, but it’s true. Full thoughts after the jump.

The 2011 Trek Breast Cancer Awareness Ride in Ridgewood, NJ was a smashing success. Thank you to everyone who donated and/or attended the event. I hope to do more charity rides next year when the weather warms up. Until then, see you roadies next year!
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